Mother with her Son

Real talk:

you are doing everything you can to raise your child, and take care of your family - and you’re exhausted.

Whether it's fighting to get your child dressed or managing their big emotional (and sometimes physical) outbursts, these moments can make you want to crumple to the floor and cry with them.

You might ask yourself:

  • "Is parenting meant to feel this hard?”

  • “Am I going to mess my kid up?”

  • “Is this really the best parent I can be?

There's always a reason behind a child's more challenging moments and it's our job to play detective and work out what that reason is so we are better equipped to help them and reduce the behaviour.


Beneath your exhaustion and frustration, I know that you know that too. They're not a bad kid, they're struggling with something. 

If you're reading this I'm guessing that what you're currently doing isn't working for you or your child and you're ready to try something different.

That's where I come in.


Instead of just knowing that staying calm in challenging moments would be helpful, let me help you get there.


Instead of knowing that there must be another way, let me equip you with mindset tools and strategies that get you there. 


There's often a gap between how we'd like to be with our child and what feels possible in the moment. I help you bridge that gap. 

Every child is different so rather than trying to fit into what everyone else thinks you should be doing, it’s time to have a method of parenting that is unique to you, your values, and your extraordinary child.

Introducing the

Mother's Breakthrough Session

Where mothers go from overwhelmed to clear, calm, and their best parenting.

In a private 60 minute Mother's Breakthrough Session

we will

- Help you articulate what kind of a mum you most want to be 


- Find out one core thing that's holding you back and keeping you burnt-out and frustrated

- Help you to understand your child's more challenging behaviours and give you powerful but gentle tools to help reduce that behaviour. 

- Give you the experience of being deeply heard and understood, and not judged for anything you do or feel as a parent. My clients often tell me that they feel supported, lighter and that they can breathe... Ah, wouldn’t that feel good?

A Mother's Break Through Session is £99 for one hour. Payment is taken once you choose your slot in my diary below.