Hi, I'm Madeleine!

Speaker & Coach to Busy Mums

Eternal Optimist

Lover of all things chocolate

Important things to know about me?

I love what I do. I feel so honoured that I get to spend my life elevating mums who inspire me each day with their tenacity and deep love for those around them. 

I was an academic wiz for the first part of my life and it was only after I left that path that I realised how I had pinned my self-worth on all those achievements. Outside of that, I had no idea how to be in love with who I was. It led me on a path to working out how to truly love, celebrate and nourish myself - for me, not because of anything I had achieved.


And I see parallels with how we parent. We often use our children as an barometer for our self-worth, which means our own happiness is about as steady as a rollercoaster ride! And I get it - we love our children and want the best for them - but learning how to love and nourish ourselves and build our self-worth from the inside transforms our parenting experience.

And for the parents I work with putting yourself first isn't just a nice idea that you read as you scroll through Facebook - it is a proven path to help you go from burn-out to reenergised and focused. It is something that I have the joy of walking parents through step by step and seeing their parenting fire burn more and more brightly. What I have seen time and again, is the that when Mums re-focus their attention on themselves they find they are calmer, more clear and more able to help and support those around them. It starts with YOU.

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"I am extremely grateful to you for the work we did together. I was in the deepest, darkest hole at the time and I felt very safe with you. Thank you so much."

Martina B., Mum, U.K.