Cara's story

From daily hour-long tantrums to 80% less after doing a 1:1 online coaching program with Madeleine. Cara says, "I feel like the mum I want to be" to her son who is 3. 

Vicky's story

From daily angry outbursts and control battles with her son (8), Vicky says "he seems like a different boy!" after doing a 1:1 online coaching program with Madeleine.

Amy's story

"No more battles!" From daily tantrums, hitting and biting with her son, George (3), Amy says "he's like a different child!". Amy says she realised that she didn't have to parent the way she'd been parented. Instead she could be calm and loving and help her son. 

Philippa's story

From physically intense tantrums and control battles with her son, Philippa says "Both Ben's behaviour and my relationship with him changed for the better" after doing a 1:1 online coaching program with Madeleine.

"Working with Madeleine has been such a great experience. I had been struggling a lot with my 2 year old's behaviour, mostly with his physically intense tantrums and need for control. I felt really alone and completely unsure of how to deal with it all in a loving way. Techniques like time outs and ignoring the behaviour were just not working and seemed counter productive to my desire to build a good relationship with my son.


I found Madeleine via Facebook and set up an initial consultation with her. She immediately put me at ease, explained that my son's behaviour was actually a very normal reaction to losing control (especially in the covid era!) and gave me the tools to deal with the behaviour. We ended up doing several sessions and talked much more about my reaction to my son's behaviour and my mindset when dealing with him than anything else, which was a real game changer. She guided me with insightful questions and an insatiably bubbly and positive outlook which always boosted me up to face the next week ahead.


Both Ben's behaviour and my relationship with him changed for the better. Naturally there are still challenges, but I know Madeleine is always there to help. I would highly recommend reaching out to her if you are having difficulties with your strong willed child's behaviour or you just want to actually enjoy parenting again!" - Philippa


"I was reminded that my personal comfort and happiness, even in the face of challenging moments, is in my best interest and as an added bonus, in the best interest of everyone around me. As a Mum, this is gold! 

Please do yourself a massive favour and get yourself booked on one of Madeleine’s workshops! Do it today and you will be so glad you did." 

Gwen C., Mum, Northern Ireland