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Madeleine has spoken in many online groups helping parents to reduce daily battles with their child. She offers 20 minute talks online for free. Contact her today via the form below to book her for your group. 

Madeleine also does in-person talks and trainings around the UK. Please contact her for more information about these paid trainings. 

Why Madeleine?


Madeleine is a parent coach and behaviour expert with a dynamic and engaging speaking style. She helps parents to feel less alone in their struggles with their child and gives them strategies that they can try straight away. Madeleine's talks are uplifting, thought-provoking and informative.

What is Madeleine's signature talk about?

Signature talk title:
How to get your child to go from constant "no"s to going with the flow

Talk blurb:
Hands up the parents with children who LOVE the word no? Or just ignore you when you ask them to do something? You are not alone! It can be very draining and frustrating when your child is resisting you. Madeleine Woolgar, a parent coach, will be live sharing the reason why your child may be doing this even more at the moment (spoiler alert: it is not your fault!) She will giving you some powerful tools that you can try right away with your child to help them to go with the flow. That’ll make life a bit easier!

Madeleine Woolgar is a parent coach and behaviour expert. She helps busy mums and dads to understand and reduce the more challenging moments with their child. From daily battles to big feelings, Madeleine has got you covered. Her approach is heart-led and child-focused, meaning that nurturing your relationship with your child is at the heart of what she does. Madeleine coaches parents all around the world in online private and group programs

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