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Have things like leaving the house, getting dressed, and meal times
become battle grounds for you and your child?

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You're in the cereal aisle and your kid is having a huge tantrum...

And whilst you do your best to look calm, inside you are freaking out!

Your kid isn’t just screaming and crying, they’ve thrown themselves to the floor, and are pounding the ground like they are trying to make wine out of grapes with their little fists. (What you would do for glass of wine right now!)

Mother and a Child

If you’re lucky, people just stare or whisper. But sometimes they actually come over to offer you unsolicited parenting advice or their opinion on how you’re doing as a parent.


And whilst you may do your best to look calm if there was a button to teleport you out of there, you would have hit it 10 minutes ago.

When this happens, a lot of the parents I work with used to wonder what they should do. 

They worry that they were messing up as parents. They felt unsure about how to help their child.

And whilst they might have a stack of books they could be reading about it, they simply don’t have the time or energy for it, because it is all they can do to hold it all together, for everyone.

If any of this sounds familiar, I want you to know two things:


1. You aren’t alone. So many of the parents I work with feel this way before we work together.


2. It’s not your fault! There is nothing like your child having a full-on tantrum to give you an opportunity to feel that you've done something wrong, but you haven't (phew!) 


Here’s the good news, there is a solution. You just need a pro in your corner walking you through it step-by-step (and a well-deserved nap too!)

"Madeleine has helped me learn more about myself, set clearer boundaries with ease, be consistent and calm. She's helped me prioritise looking after myself first, so I've more to give those around me.  Her warm, fun, wholehearted presence is a gift to all she meets.  

I could not recommend her input more highly."

Emily J., U.K.